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Integrated Web Accessibility

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image of Alaska from the Brand USA Great OutDoors accessible website.
The Great Outdoors
"I could sit and look at this for hours!"


image of the statement of purpose for Brand USA—The nation's destination marketing organization.
Brand USA Corporate
"I also love the fact that you have a number of different choices to navigate by and that you can choose to listen or not. Well done!"


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Strategic Branding Design

microsoft mission control logo
Mission Control

"What I like about the logo is that it shows a continuous loop of communication.…
There's consistency in every piece whether it's the shirt whether it's the glass in the operations area whether it's a business card or an email that you get."


Columbia Tower Club drawing of 76th floor plan for corresponding website project.
Columbia Tower Club

"Another aspect of what you will get with CL Design is… (laughs) Chris is probably one of the best dressed designers you'll ever run into.… A great mix of being highly computer literate and highly skilled with people and I think that's very rare."


Delaney Transitions LLC logo
Delaney Transitions

"I really enjoyed working with Chris. He was always very professional. He made my project feel like a very collaborative one.
His guidance and talent left me very satisfied with the project and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend him!"

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