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Image of a young woman. Welcome to what we do at cl design

Treat people like people with integrated web accessibility


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Value Proposition

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Using technology to integrate accessibility for same investment as typical afterthought processes

Enabling ROI by accommodating boomers & people with disabilities who spend $137 billion dollars annually

Reducing risk through compliance with web accessibility regulations such as Section 508

Enhancing corporate social responsibility by being inclusive of more people


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What Is Integrated Web Accessibility?

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For people with visual challenges:

Uses audio in the form of human voice narration and instructions. The visitor does not need extra software and there is no synthetic computer voice as with typical access.

For people with hearing challenges:

Includes relevant text and provides a description of the audio narration.
As in "Spring is a great time to visit Washington DC. There are many things to explore such as the Jefferson Memorial shown here framed with Cherry blossoms in the Spring.".

For people with physical challenges:

Means that presentations can be navigated by one key press on the keyboard, by touching a touch screen and with a mouse. No remembering, or use of, key combinations depending on browser.

For people with cognitive challenges:
CL Design worked with a respected speech pathologist to arrive at the solution of the combination of large images, large type, and human audio narration to create a more effective, communicative experience.

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